Children walking in front of school


Riverside is a K-6 school with high expectations underpinned by our motto ‘Reach for the Stars’. Our aim is for every child in our school to achieve their best in a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Respect for each other, and the environment, remain integral values of our school community. The school seeks to build positive partnerships with parents and carers, and the wider school community, to achieve the very best outcomes for our students. We strive to ensure a personalised pathway into Kinder through a range of Early Years initiatives.

Teaching and learning is underpinned by an inquiry based approach where we build the learning assets of students as thinkers, collaborators, communicators, self managers and researchers. Quality teaching is reflected in high student outcomes in literacy and numeracy supported by both intervention and enrichment programs. The Arts has a strong focus and across the school we are building student skills in both Information Community Technology (ICT) and digital technologies through an interdisciplinary approach in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics).

Well being of our students is critical to them being successful, engaged learners and we are always looking for ways to add to our supportive environment, including focuses on anti-bullying.

Riverside Primary prides itself on its strong, collaborative learning culture, innovative programs and its high expectations for everyone.

Jane Bovill


Riverside Primary and the Department of Education have the following values:

Aspiration – a culture of high expectations and high achievement

Respect – respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment

Courage – accepting challenges and embracing opportunities

Growth – improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things

Our school priorities and goals in 2018 are:

  • To work towards achieving an agreed whole school approach in spelling
  • To promote a culture where student wellbeing is a priority so optimal learning can take place
  • To embed a school based Inquiry framework
  • To embed a problem solving approach to Mathematics