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15/05/2014 14:15

THis will happen Friday ​

8/05/2014 16:05

​Please follow this link to enjoy our Facebook page

 If the page doesnt load the first time please just refresh and it should appear.

6/03/2014 13:57

The RPSA will hold its AGM in the library on March 17th staring at 7.30pm.  Please find a nomination form on the Newsletter page or the Information for Parents and Carers page.

18/06/2013 17:42

You can view the current and proposed home area maps via the link below. 

You simply need to unclick the box next to the Current-Schools-in-Regions then click the - sign to shrink the list.

Click the State home areas Current Schools. Scroll down the left hand side and select Riverside Primary School.  Do the same for State Proposed Home Areas.  This should provide a pink section and an orange sectionon the map.  Zoom in to look closely at specific roads and landmarks.  By clicking and unclicking the boxes the shaded areas should appear and disappear.

​Please ring the school if you are unsure.

13/06/2012 14:16

​This is the new RPS internet site containing information about the school, newsletters and contact information.

It will be updated as necessary.


5/10/2011 16:21
5/10/2011 15:51
Childcare available at Trevallyn Primary
9/03/2011 15:02
This assembly has been rescheduled to Friday 10th December at 10am.  Please ensure this date is changed in your diary. 
20/09/2010 10:15
2/09/2010 11:00
21/07/2010 10:14
Please note that our next student free day is Friday 8th October. 
21/07/2010 10:12
Tuesday the 15th June is a student free day. Students return to school on the 16th June.