Welcome to Riverside Primary School, a school with a wonderful atmosphere and positive energy.
At Riverside we provide a special educational experience for all students.
At Riverside learning is personalised and there is a strong commitment for individuals to reach their potential.
Riverside is a professional community where there is a focus on school improvement and improved learning outcomes achieved through high expectations and student involvement in an engaging curriculum. The school values statement Be Yourself, Be Your Best and Never Give Up is witnessed daily.
Riverside will continue in 2013 to implement and report against the Australian curriculum.  Common planning and agreed tasks provide consistency and continuity across learning areas. Classroom programs will include inquiry based learning centred around Science, History and Geography. There is also a focus on dedicated Literacy and Numeracy blocks.  Along with other schools, Riverside will continue to work collaboratively on assessment to ensure increasing consistency against the achievement standards outlined in the Australian curriculum.
Beyond the intellectual rigor and high academic standards Riverside aims to develop in students’ responsible citizenship and the ability to become critical, compassionate and reflective thinkers.
Beside the classroom programs we offer specialist lessons in Library, Physical Education and Music as well as having access to a specialist Science teacher who will work with classes throughout the year.
Our Library is open to the whole school community and associated activities and plays an active role in the development of literacy in our school.
Each week students enjoy borrowing a range of reading materials. The library offers before school, lunchtime and after school access to all students. Developing information literacy and other ICT skills are important components of the library program. Adjunct to the Library is a multi media centre that gives opportunity for all students to work in a variety of ways with a variety of learning technologies.
The Physical Education and Sports program offers a wide variety of experiences with a strong emphasis on physical fitness and the development of a variety of skills. We stress with students that having an active, well balanced and healthy lifestyle is a worthy lifelong pursuit. The new purpose build gym completed in 2010 has enhanced the Physical Education program and provides a space for the performing arts and whole school assemblies.
The music program aims to help students develop understanding and appreciation of music, as well as practical skills, so that music can provide a life-long source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. There is a emphasis on participation in instrumental and vocal activities.
Riverside encourages students to take a proactive and significant role in the many leadership programs and to become confident and responsible citizens within the school setting and the wider community.
Parent participation is strongly encouraged as we believe that education is a partnership between home and school. We encourage parents to take an active role in the school.

Here are just a few ways to be involved:

  • Assisting in the classroom, school events and on excursions.
  • Becoming an active member of the Riverside Parents’ School Association
  • Taking an active interest in your child’s learning by supervising homework,
  • Talking with students about their day, attending parent/teacher discussions and communicating regularly with your child’s classroom teacher.
Whether you are currently enrolled in the school or you are a family who intend to enrol please browse our website to glean information and in
particular enjoy the many wonderful photos of our student community at work. Remember that the Department of Education does have stipulations about being in the designated area of the school to be eligible for enrolment.
I believe it is our students who make this school so special.
If you want any further information or have any questions please contact me.
Jane Bovill