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Enrichment Program

Riverside offers a range of enrichment learning opportunities across all grades. These are offered as small focus groups within a specific time frame. Students are selected to participate according to their academic strengths as well as their skills, abilities and aptitudes.  Riverside Primary regularly takes part in a range of learning competitions such as the Tasmanian Science Talent Search, Maths Relay, Readers’ Cup, Write a book in a day, Tournament of the Minds and XSteam. Students are selected for these groups to enrich and stretch their own learning and experiences.

A robotics program is offered to selected Grade 5 and 6 students. Some of our students often participate in several of the DOE e-learning Gifted Online programs. In 2017 some students worked with our local high school to participate in a creative writing enrichment group called Write Road. Riverside strives to create a range of enrichment opportunities within our school and works hard to become involved in any opportunities within our wider community.

Other opportunities include:

  • Creative Writing competitions
  • Chess
  • Historical Society Challenges
  • Readers’ Cup
  • Tasmanian Science Talent Search
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Robotics
  • Esk Band
  • State Maths Relay
  • French

Early Years

Early Years programs at Riverside Primary School are all about making connections.  If you were to walk into one of our sessions you would see parents, carers and grandparents networking with other families; children connecting with each other, their families and our Early Years teachers.

Our Early Years teachers use Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), to guide their teaching and learning programs.  The EYLF has specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language, and social and emotional development.

Riverside Primary School offers two Early Years programs for families within the Riverside home area (Riverside/Legana/Grindelwald).

Tiny Stars Birth – 3 Years Parent/Child Sessions:

For children aged birth to three years, Tiny Stars is a great opportunity to become part of our wonderful school community and network with other families.  During this session families are able to engage with planned, age appropriate play-based learning experiences in the classroom (this may include messy/sensory play, construction, imaginative play etc.).

Little Stars Pre-Kinder Parent/Child Sessions:

For children who are turning four this year, Little Stars is a great opportunity for families to familiarise themselves with the Kindergarten environment, routines and meet other families who will be in Kindergarten at Riverside Primary School next year.  Our program consists of indoor and outdoor planned, age appropriate play-based learning experiences (this may include oral language experiences, visual arts, fine motor, gross motor, imaginative play etc.).

For further details or to enrol your child, please contact the school office on 6327 3731 or riverside.primary@education.tas.gov.au

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Student wellbeing is a priority at Riverside Primary.  All staff work in close partnership with families to ensure that student needs are being met in order to enable every student to reach their full capacity as a learner.  Students have access to extra support through the Student Support team which consists of a Social Worker, School Psychologist, Speech and Language Pathologist and School Chaplain as well as a range of targeted programs which are linked to student needs.  Riverside Primary runs an explicit program around bullying.  The school’s anti bullying policy involves the teaching of what bullying is, strategies to support victims, how to stand up against bullies, as well as how to support a bully to stop their behaviour.  Students are involved in the teaching and learning of the DoE, Respectful Relationship modules which are delivered to all grades and the school promotes a culture of Respectful Behaviour at all times.

Sport Leader Program

(Prep – 2 Sport and 3/4 Sport)

Each Friday selected grade 5 and 6 classes plan and run activities for the Prep – 4 classes. The sessions are split into Prep – 2 Sport and 3/4 Sport, as outlined on the timetable. This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for our senior students. The role of the class teacher is to provide support and feedback for the leaders each week.


Grade 6 students at Riverside Primary School are given many opportunities to showcase their leadership skills at school and across the community. Our Core Leadership group consists of a small selected group of grade 6 students. The Core Leaders perform many roles throughout the year to support and represent our whole school community.

Along with our core leaders, there are many other leadership opportunities for our grade 6 students including playground support, kinder leaders, sport leaders and fundraising leaders. These leaders each play an important role in supporting student wellbeing, communicating ideas with peers, and also involving the whole school community in decision making.

Daily PE

Riverside’s Daily PE program runs 3 days a week for approximately 15-20 minutes – not Fridays or on the PE day. The HPE teacher distributes a resource folder each term that has suitable activities for each grade, as well as a timetable outlining a weekly theme. Of a Monday morning Grade 5 and 6 students deliver equipment to Prep – Grade 4 classrooms that is aligned with the theme for each class. Class teachers are responsible for conducting the program. Equipment will be collected each Friday, ready for distribution on the following week.

Grade 5 and 6 classes are responsible for organising their own program and use this as a leadership opportunity for their students. Many classes have a roster system set up in their own classroom.