School Buildings


At Riverside Primary School we implement a rich English program in all classes from Prep to Grade 6.  We provide an integrated approach to English with children explicitly taught to; read, view, listen to, speak, write, create and reflect upon a range of texts.

As part of our daily dedicated English block, children learn to appreciate, enjoy and use the English language. One strategy that we use at Riverside Primary School that supports this is Writers’ Workshop. As part of Writers’ Workshop children are given an opportunity to firstly unpack their thinking about a topic before they begin writing.  By brainstorming this thinking, the children begin writing with greater motivation and ownership, well thought through ideas and interesting vocabulary. Using a Writers’ Workshop model, children are also taught the skills of giving and receiving feedback in order to ‘bump up’ their writing. Writing conferences provide an opportunity for children to share and discuss their work with both their teachers and peers.

Throughout the school year at Riverside Primary, children are also given the opportunity to undertake intervention in small group situations through the use of our dedicated learning support team.  As part of this, Early Childhood classes engage in daily guided reading sessions, as well as focus spelling and writing groups. Primary classes receive targeted English support at designated time across the year.  Enrichment opportunities are also provided to our students, including Write Road, Readers’ Cup and Write a Book in a Day.

We foster strong connections between literacy learning at school and at home. Parents are encouraged and guided to support their children through our Home Reading Program.  As part of this, children are provided with instructional texts at their current reading level in order to practise the skills they have been learning in guided reading at school.  In addition to this, children also take home Quality Literature books to share and enjoy. These Quality Literature books encourage an exposure to rich vocabulary and help promote a love of reading.  Our extensive library is a huge resource of fiction and non-fiction texts and children are encouraged to borrow weekly.


At Riverside Primary students participate in a Mathematics program that is engaging, challenging and develops a love of Mathematics. Students are taught the skills and understandings they need to become confident, creative users and communicators of Mathematics.

As part of our daily dedicated Mathematics block students are explicitly taught how to investigate and understand mathematical problems. They are encouraged to communicate their ideas through conversations, discussions and different methods of recording their ideas and working out. Mental computation strategies are taught through the school.  Students are provided with mathematical problems that vary in complexity and challenge their thinking. All classrooms have access to an extensive range of hands on resources including blocks, counters, dice, calculators and specific mathematical tools, suited to their grade level, that encourage and support students to further explore and understand the problems they are learning about.

At times Riverside Primary strives to make connections through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and digital technologies in the classroom. Through this approach students experience Mathematics through real life applications and develop an understanding of its applications beyond the classroom.

Riverside Primary provides opportunities to further develop student capabilities in Mathematics through targeted intervention groups at varying times throughout the year. Enrichment opportunities are also provided with students participating in Maths Olympiad, Maths Relays and Maths and Engineering sections of Tournament of Minds. We encourage students to develop connections between home and school in Mathematics. Students have the opportunity to take home Mad about Maths games packs that grow student engagement and promote fluency. These games are borrowed on a weekly basis.


Inquiry learning at Riverside Primary is a focus on ‘what’ we are learning AND more importantly ‘how’ we are learning across every area of the curriculum from K – 6.  Inquiry learning is about children and teachers working together to drive learning through rich questions and investigation.

Teachers and students unpack together and continue to learn through the five learning assets when conducting an inquiry. These learning assets are thinking, communicating, collaborating, researching and self-managing – skills that are used in every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

Learning at Riverside Primary is highlighted through teachers using a ‘split screen’ approach when unpacking different areas of the curriculum and the learning assets with children. For example, students may be learning about the content area (the ‘what’) of Maths and fractions but also be learning about the learning asset of Collaboration and how to work together successfully as a team to solve the problem (the ‘how’).

Reflection is an integral part of the inquiry learning process where both students and teachers regularly look back over learning and give feedback to each other to discuss new learning, what worked, what didn’t and where to next in the learning journey.


Technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning at Riverside Primary School. Each class has a bank of networked computers in their classrooms to offer easy access for student’s use each day. To supplement classroom technology Riverside offers a range of mobile sets of computers that can be booked and used by classes each week. Riverside also has an allocated i-room which is used for regular ICT teaching sessions with Grade 1 – 6.

A specialist ICT support teacher regularly works with teachers and students to strengthen skills and understanding around Technologies. At Riverside students sign a responsible user agreement and are expected to model sensible and thoughtful technology use at all times. An ICT capabilities and skills component is embedded into all teaching and learning inquiry units. Riverside is working towards integrating the Digital Technologies curriculum into classroom inquiry units.

The Arts

Riverside Primary School is pleased to be able to provide our students with weekly opportunities to engage in the Arts.  Students from Prep – Year 6 are involved in specialist Drama and Music classes.

The emphasis of these programs is to provide students with a range of practical experiences in both of the art forms. Students are given regular opportunities to build their confidence and self-esteem through collaborative learning and performances.

Our Drama program provides students with opportunities to explore and express ideas and feelings.  Students are supported to develop effective communication skills and are exposed to a number of different dramatic techniques.

Our music program introduces students to a range of different musical instruments whilst building their capacity to read, understand and perform musical pieces.

Extracurricular and enrichment opportunities are also provided through participating in the Esk Band program.  We are proud to be one of the only public primary schools to participate in the Launceston Drama Competitions and, alongside of this, our students are also regularly given opportunities to perform in local college dance productions.

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is a strong feature of the school and each class has one PE lesson each week along with a sports leader day of a Friday for students in Prep – Grade 4.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students participate in a 5/6 Sport roster with other Launceston schools on a Friday afternoon.

Health units are taught by the classroom teacher and at many times throughout the year we have external providers and guest speakers come in to strengthen these areas and develop the understanding of our students.

Throughout the year, students compete in 3 main school carnivals – Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. These carnivals lead on to other opportunities to be selected for representative carnivals.

If a student is unable to participate in PE lesson we ask that they bring a note from home. Riverside Primary School have a sports uniform that students are required to wear on their PE day and Fridays.